What Does Sustainability Look Like?


It’s easy enough to find definitions of the principles and goals of sustainability. It is less easy to envision what actions either promote or hinder achievement of sustainability. The International Brundtland Commission Report of 1987 issued a widely quoted definition: “Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” I often say that it means practices we can continue indefinitely without causing harm to the environment, the economy, or to people. But how can we determine what practices are indeed sustainable? An international initiative called The … Continue reading

Engineered Eats: Labeling GMOs In The U.S.

Infographic. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have raised a lot of controversy and fear lately. So far, no one has proved that they are either safe or dangerous. The rhetoric goes beyond the science. I have been collecting information in order to present some clarity, but I haven’t had the chance to study it yet. In the mean time, I have received the following infographic on GMOs. It raises the issue of letting consumers know if food contains GMOs. As it is, the food we buy at the grocery must identify its ingredients. Why not identify GMOs?

Gorgeous Sea Glass dinnerware, made from recycled glass: a review

sea glass recycled glass dinnerware

Have you ever been to the beach and found bits of glass? The sea smoothes out rough edges and gives the glass a sheen like nothing else. “Sea Glass” is the name of a line of dinnerware made from recycled glass, mostly post-industrial waste. It captures both the sheen and the whimsical shapes of glass shaped by ocean waves. Do you like your dinnerware formal and elegant? Or does your taste run to whimsical? Sea Glass recycled glass dinnerware comes in 10 shapes and 8 colors. You can choose one of 5 combination sets or mix and match colors in … Continue reading

27 Ways Not to Be Inundated With Trash at Home

Trash bag

On average everyone in America (including babies) generates as much at 5 pound of trash every day! How can that be? For every garbage can emptied at the curb, the amount of waste generated by obtaining raw materials (including oil and gas used for energy) and manufacturing processes of creating finished products and packaging create the equivalent of 71 garbage cans of waste. Estimates of how much garbage each household generates includes its share of the production and distribution chain. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection estimates that if everyone reduced their trash output by 1 pound per week, it … Continue reading

12 little eco friendly habits that make a big difference

eco friendly habits

Eco friendly lifestyle choices like trying to eliminate plastic from your life can seem monumental. Did you know that you can influence the environment for good or ill with habits that seem insignificant? Tiny changes add up over time, especially as more and more people make them. It takes only a month of mindful attention to make a new habit. Then you don’t even have to think about it. For example, fasten your seat belt before you start your car. That’s a small part of an overall goal of reducing idling by five minutes a day. Five minutes a day … Continue reading