Delicious and Healthy Sweet Potato Recipes

sweet potatoIt used to be almost an unwritten law that sweet potato casseroles had to be made with canned sweet potatoes, gobs of brown sugar, and marshmallows.

Here are some healthier alternatives, and they actually taste better.

A little brown sugar is not bad, but too much added sugar hides the flavor of sweet potatoes. For all of these recipes, use fresh sweet potatoes. The ones in the can are already too sugary and, to my taste, cooked too long. Continue reading

How much do you know about science?

scienceLooking through my collection of PDFs, I came across a report and poll from Pew Research about how much Americans know about science. It’s a couple of years old, but the results would probably not be much different now.

You can care about the environment and practice green living without knowing much about science. But the better informed you are, the better choices you can make for yourself and your family.

Test your knowledge and take this quiz. When you get your results you can follow a link there and read the report.

I will try to present just enough information to get your interest without giving away the questions or the answers. Continue reading

7 Innovative Steps to Save on Home Décor: Electricity, Wood, and Money

Contributed by Jim Taylor

recycled wood table

A reclaimed electric wire reel provided this elegant table.

The last three decades have witnessed a revolution in terms of environmental awareness. In every global forum, environmental conservation is a key topic as evidence of unrelenting degradation becomes apparent.

As a home owner, you can make a timely contribution by making your home more energy efficient. This can be done by saving on electricity and wood, which in turn translates to less environmental exploitation of the environment for energy use. Saving on wood halts deforestation, while at the same time saving you a lot of money. Continue reading

Crawling to the Paperless Society

cost of wasting paperHalf a century ago, even before anyone ever thought of the World Wide Web or most of the gadgets we now use to access it, visions of a paperless society began to appear. Soon, futurists promised, technology would make paper record keeping, even paper reading obsolete.

Now, we communicate by email. We can ask all the companies that send us regular statements to send them electronically. If we find something online that we want to keep, we can preserve it as a PDF. Think of all the trees we’re saving!

But a paperless society? It hasn’t happened yet, and it probably never will. We can do better than we are, though. Continue reading

Get Your New Year Off to an Energy Efficient Start

Contributed by Maria Ramos

energy star saves moneyThe new year is a time for new beginnings – and where better place to start than in your own home? Energy bills around the holidays can strain your wallet, but you can earn that money back throughout the year by adopting new energy-saving tips and techniques that help the environment at the same time.

Start by investigating online resources. You can use the EPA’s new Energy Star Home Advisor tool for ideas on home improvement projects and Energywise’s tool for room-by-room energy efficient tips. You can also find more energy-saving tips and tricks at and at

For easy renovation ideas, check out some of the tips below: Continue reading